This gallery shows some of the projects and bits I have worked on over the years, lots of sewing, a bit of drawing and painting, and some other crafts that I have experimented with... 

Table runner I made from old shirts. 2010

Patchwork blanket I made for my daughter from her old clothes. 2009

Close up of Olivia's blanket.

My new handbag I made from knitting fabric strips. 2010

Close up of knitted handbag.

Bag I made from patches. 2010

Close up of patch bag beading. 2010

Picture I painted in about 2007.

Tudor style Doll house I made in 2007.

Inside Tudor Doll house.

Narnia drawing I did I think about 1998.

Deco style bead Water Lillie picture I made by gluing on hundreds of tiny beads. 2010

Cardigan I never finished for my daughter. 2006

Pottery piggy made jointly by my husband and me. 2001

Commemorative stitched plaque for my daughters first foot prints. 2010

Stitched plaque for my nieces 1st birthday. 2010

Stitched plaque for my best friends wedding 2010.

Lambo the sock teddy made by my best friend Nicky and me aged 7. 1987

No name teddy made by me 1987.

Padded letter room sign. 2010

2 bookmarks made from patchwork. 2010

Padded letter mobile I made as a present for my niece's first birthday. 2010