Saturday, 24 July 2010

Finished Handbags

I managed to finish my 2 new handbags last night.  This first one is made using strips of fabric tied together to make a big long piece of fabric and then its knitted into panels.  The panels are then stitched together and other bits including lining are add.  I love my handbags but this way of making them uses a lot of fabric.  The pink panel at the bottom of the bag is one whole large curtains worth of fabric.....!!!

This one below is a patchwork bag with felt padding inside and then a liner of cotton. I buy old handbags in charity shops and re-use the handles and fastenings.  I am sure I have already mentioned I love charity shops, and when my daughter is at school I love to go and spend hours walking around them all.  

I bought some beads in France about 5 years ago, it was actually on my honeymoon... And I had not really found a use for them, I tried making bits of jewelery but did not really enjoy that, so gave up, and I have now put a few on the patchwork handbag and will try to use more in future designs. 

When I sew my patchwork patches I always sew by hand and finger press the edges, then stitch all the way around the patch with embroidery thread first to make it look nicer.  It does take a long time to make the patches but I think the end result looks better than a machine stitched patch. 

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