Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ummm lots done today....

Finally finished today, yeah..., this is for my little Nieces first birthday next month. Took a few weeks to do in the evenings and lots of messing about with different colour fabrics and bits but its done... Well I still have to find a rustic old looking drift wood type frame to put it in, but I still have a month to do it.

Finished the one below for my daughter Olivia last week and yes still need a frame for that too. I plan to make more, custom ones for friends and family, but it takes a while to get the fabrics as I get them all from charity shops and sometimes I go in and come out with nothing as there is nothing on that day that suits what I want to do. I usually just buy any nice bit of fabric I see in the Charity shop, weather its an old shirt, skirt, pillow case or duvet cover. Sometimes you are lucky and get bits of old fabric patches or wool and threads.

The next projects I am working on are getting underway, the felt fabric is ordered and doing research on patterns and colours... I am going to be making Mobiles to hang in kids rooms, made from drift wood and felt. The following pics are not ones I have made unfortunately but I am using the image as inspiration for my designs.

Had fun on the beach today collecting drift wood with my 4 year old daughter, got lots to work with and just need to clean it all up now and treat it with matt varnish.

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