Sunday, 1 August 2010

Fred bunny..

I promised my daughter I would make her a baby bunny teddy, as I have made her a few door signs the last few days, which she promptly told me where boring and she could not play with them. (she did mention they were pretty too, so thats ok, not a complete waste of 2 days work...)

She has named him Fred.

We also went to the "en yoke" (Irish carboot sale) down near to Wexford town today, and I could not resist buying these two lovely dresses for the fabric. Lovely colours.

I know Olivia said she did not want me to make thing else for her to hang on the wall, but I could not help it and she actually likes this princess garland I finished last night.  It quite long so a bit hard to take photos of, so I had to take a few separate ones instead.

I think I will now plan a little bear teddy for my niece too.. I have run into a bit of crafters block today, I can not seem to think of any new ideas to make.. I think I will have to look about on the net for inspiration... I am saving up nice blue/green/rustic/vintage fabrics to make 2 nice patchwork roman blinds for our new kitchen when we move, but I am a few bits short so I can not start them just yet, actually that reminds me I found a good curtain & blind making book the other day in town, but I was just window shopping so I had no cash on me to buy it, I will have to go back tomorrow to get it, as I am not sure how the ropes and bits work on blinds and I am a bit unsure how to make them. 


LadyBex said...

wow that garland is beautiful and so girlie

Busy Bee said...

Thank you Ladybex, it was so easy to make and onlt took 1 day. My daughter loves it. X