Monday, 17 October 2011

Granny Chatting....

2 of my newest bears, Martha & Eliza having a good little chat, as its too wet and cold to go out for a picnic today...

I am going on a big shopping trip on Wednesday to get new fabrics.. I will try all the charity shops first and look for old shirts and other clothing items.. Martha the pink bear is made from an old shirt I found last year, I love the pink and white patterns. 

I am going to start planning my display for the craft fair in December too today.. I have an old cream throw I am going to use as a table cover and lots of wicker baskets and bits to sit the teddy's on. I need to find some old books too to give that vintage look. Also I need to borrow my daughters little book shelves to use in the display.... I will post photos of my ideas soon..

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