Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Attempting a quilt!!!

I have tried quilting before, small quilts, car seat blankets etc... I stitch everything by hand (I don't own a modern sewing machine, they hate me!! lol) so it can be hard doing larger things, and I did attempt a large quilt for my daughter a few years ago, which ended in a mess and my very lovely friend Emily had to come to the rescue and fix it for me... Oops... So this is the first large one I going to make all by my self!!! I am doing it in smaller panels and then stitching them all together.. I now have the from finished, and I am waiting for more wadding and backing fabric to be delivered.. The hard bit is putting all the layers together and doing the quilting part.. I find quilting by hand on large pieces very hard, and my hands end up really sore with lots of holes... 

This is one of the 6 panels

This is the full front panel finished..... 

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