Friday, 3 September 2010

Finally moved house

Well its been one month since my last blog, and in that time I have been busy moving house... only a few hundred yards down the lane, but its still been the same amount of work as if we had moved countries.... Very tired and achey today.

I have not been doing any crafty bit recently but desperate to get stuff sorted out in my new crafty room so I can get making again... Christmas is creeping up and is very close now, and I am getting a bit panicy already, over the fact that I have not started making any presents yet... I must make my list soon... No I must make my list today...

I cant upload any pics of our new place yet as I am having to use my dinosaur laptop that is about 10 years old and is painfully slow, it takes 10 seconds for the writing to appear on the screen after typing... So when my comp is all set up again I can post some pics.

I realized today too that when the bedroom window is open I can hear the sea.. We couldn't from our old place as it was in a dip, its so nice a peaceful.

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