Sunday, 4 September 2011

A lot can happen in one year!!!!

Wow I can't believe its been one year since my last post!!!! A lot has happened in that time, moved house again.... and had a new baby boy 12 weeks ago, while spending 8 weeks in hospital before hand due to complications.

But all is well now and getting back a normal life of making, making, making!!! I have a new business too, which is doing really well.  Its called "This Little Piggy" and I make personalised baby foot print embroideries, which I made for both my children and wanted to share with others too as they are so special and capture all the special things about having a new baby.

Its been so good getting back on here and seeing what everyone else is up to, I have missed my creative little pals.  

I am working on a personal project too for my bed, which I started while in hospital and I am currently only half way through!!! I need 750 patches altogether and so far only managed to sew 350!!! Gonna take me a while... No pics of it yet as its all in bags ready to be put together. Other than that I have not really completed any other projects, been very busy with children. 

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