Saturday, 11 May 2013

Recent fabric projects...

I love fabrics, vintage fabrics especially, and all types of lace and ribbons. I wanted to create things I could hang on my wall to display all the lovely fabrics and bits I have gathered over the years..

So I came up with this fabric journal.. I has 30 fabric pages, and to each I will stitch a panel that I have been working on, to represent the things going on around me, and kind of like a diary of what is going on.

The Cover took about 6 hours to embroider.

This is my "Cats" panel.. I love cats, and I have two who get up to all sorts of trouble.. So thought I would capture their mischievous side... 

These are 4 panels I have made to represent the seasons.. I love each season for a different reason, I love the brightness of Spring, the warmth and colour of Summer, the crisp frosty mornings of Autumn and the snow covered land of Winter.. 

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